Allerthorpe Parish Council


The United Kingdom Census of 1851 recorded the people residing in every household on the night of 30 March 1851, and was the second of the UK censuses to include details of household members. However, this census added considerably to the fields recorded in the earlier 1841 census, providing additional details of ages, relationships and origins, making the 1851 census a rich source of information for both demographers and genealogists.

The 1851 census for England and Wales was opened to public inspection in 1912 (the 100-year retainer rule was not in effect at the time), and has since been available from The National Archives.



The following information is available for Allerthorpe and Waplington for 1851:

Allerthorpe Sheet 5  
Allerthorpe Sheet 6  
Allerthorpe Sheet 7  
Allerthorpe Sheet 8  
Allerthorpe Sheet 9  
Waplington Sheet 3