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The 1911 census for England and Wales was taken on the night of Sunday the 2nd April 1911. The total population was declared to be about 35,000,000. The 1911 census includes all individual households as well as prisons, workhouses, naval and merchant vessels. It also provides an approximate count of the homeless.    In response to government concerns the 1911 census also asked additional, more specific questions to each household, about fertility in marriage and occupational data.

Frustrated with the government’s refusal to grant women the vote, a large number of women boycotted the 1911 census by refusing to be counted.   There were two forms of protest. In the first, the women (or their husband) refused to fill in the form, often recording their protest to the enumerator. In the second, women evaded the census by staying away from their home for the whole night.

1911 News

The Coronation of King George V The cinema becomes an industry

Between ranked soldiers and sailors at the present, the famous team of cream ponies rolled the ornate state coach in which sat King George V and Queen Mary.

Following the precedent of the Jubilee, the procession was held on two days, to cover a greater area of territory and to admit of more people seeing it than would otherwise have been possible.

The earliest films, unless they were shown in variety theatres at the end of the programme to "play the audience out" or in town halls, were shown to shops "converted" into halls. These proved dangerous owing to the lack of exit facilities in the (frequent) event of fire. Laner, came properly built and equipped cinema theatres. One of the earliest of these picturedromes was the modern film theatre at Hitchin at the time of King George's coronation.

"Bunty pulls the Strings"

Something of a theatrical sensation was caused in 1911 by the success of a company of Scottish players, until then unknown to London. Headed by Graham Moffat, who wrote the play, they came to Haymarket and the novelty of the pawky-peasant humour took the town by storm.

Painted Stockings The White Star Liner Titanic sets sail

One of the more startling of pre-war fashions. The shoes worn with them were also hand-painted.

On May 31st 1911, the White Star liner Titanic sets sail from Belfast, only to meet a tragic end on April 15th 1912, with only 707 out of 2,224 lives saved.

Railway Strike!

One of the most serious paralyses of transport ever recorded occured in 1911. The sufferings were frightful owing to the heat which reached the record temperature in London of 100 degrees in the shade.

The following information is available for Allerthorpe and Waplington for 1911:



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