Allerthorpe Parish Council

In April 2016 the Parish council sent out an online survey seeking to establish exactly what was achievable and with whom.  It asked the following three primary questions:

1.     Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

2.     What type of service do you have?

3.     What download speeds do you regularly achieve?

These are the results:



and finally we asked what sort of response was received from the ISP when attempting to upgrade and here are some of your comments:

Upgraded with Sky immediately on hearing service was available. Initial speed was over 30MBs, according to on line testing with OOKLA, now usually between 20 and 26.
Not very good at all
I have been on high Fibre for 6 months -- it works OK
No. No idea how to do it! My download speed does vary from slow to very slow.
I currently have BT Infinity and I am using the BT hub wirelessly, ie not connected to my computer by cable.I have just checked my speed using the BT speed checker and it gave me the following. Download Speed 14.8Mbs Upload Speed 1.04mbs
Over the past few months the strength of the signal has been very erratic, sometimes dropping out altogether. I regular test the broadband speed and rarely realise over 8 Mbs on download.
Sorry, don't know the answer to these technical questions ! I do know that there has been no improvement to the slow speed
Spoke to East Riding Broadband one month ago and they said it was not available. Apparently we are in Cabinet2, which is in place but sounds as if it is inactive.
I have tried many times. Initially, I was unable to upgrade, but the last time i tried, I would have been allowed, but I was told at the end of the sign-up process that I would not get a faster download speed with Fibre than I currently get with the ADSL service.
We haven't tried as we didn't know that it was available here.
I was told I could have it but it will be more expensive. I'm happy with what I've got as it works for me and I don't need any faster speeds
We signed up for high speed broadband in April 2015 and was promised 30-35 Mb download & 5mb upload we get 13 mb download &1 upload so have been given a reduction due to overselling.
Contacted BT to upgrade.Was told that although we now had access to high speed internet, they didnt have any spare capacity, and that each internet provider was only allocated a certain amount of capacity. Until they were given more capacity/or capacity became available (assume by people leaving BT) we were unable to upgrade.
Not available on my phone number
Yes ! ........ Not available yet. NB :- we recently had an Openreach technician here, who said "High speed BB is available, THEY just haven't opened the portal yet" It WAS registrating on his device
Yes I moved to BT Infinity which gives me all the speed I require including streaming TV programmes.
Not tried. Currently in process of moving to BT for broadband. Speed may increase slightly if I believe what BT tell me but only to around 4Mbs
Yes. Was informed that High speed fibre service was not available to my number and there was no upgrade date available.
Not available at this time