Allerthorpe Parish Council




1st Jan 5:00pm Naming of Jesus Evensong
15th Jan 9:15am 2nd of Epiphany Holy Communion
5th Feb 5:00pm 4th before Lent Evensong
19th Feb 9:15am 2nd before Lent Holy Communion
5th Mar 5:00pm 1st of Lent Evensong
19th Mar 9:15am 3rd of Lent Holy Communion
2nd Apr 6:00pm 5th of Lent Evensong
14th Apr 10:00am Good Friday Easter Garden
16th Apr 9:15am Easter Sunday Holy Communion
7th May 6:00pm 4th of Easter Evensong
21st May 9:15am 6th of Easter Holy Communion
4th June 6:00pm Pentecost Evensong