Allerthorpe Parish Council

The Parish council is grateful for the generous funding support  given by Help for Health, the HEY Smile Foundation and East Riding of Yorkshire Council Community Fund which has enabled us to purchase an IPAD (Intelligent Public Access Defibrillator) which has been mounted on the external wall of the Village Hall beside the front door.        


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What is an Intelligent Public Access Defibrillator?          

An Intelligent Public Access Defibrillator is the latest in the range of clinical defibrillator monitors and is designed to be used by minimally trained individuals, It is suitable for use almost anywhere that people gather, whether it’s within the workplace, a shopping centre or a hospital and makes saving lives easier than ever.

Where is it?

The defibrillator is in a yellow cabinet with a combination lock mounted outside the main entrance to the Village Hall.

Who can use it?

Our defibrillator is designed to be used safely by people with no medical experience because the user is guided through the process by a sequence of voice commands from the machine which is intelligent enough to recognise when and when not to shock.

How do I gain access to the defibrillator in an emergency?

lf you think that someone in the village is having a heart attack dial 999 immediately and ask for an ambulance. You will be told that there is a defibrillator in the village and given the combination for the defibrillator cabinet.

How can I help?

The target set by the government for Ambulance Trusts all over the UK is to reach 75% of life threatening calls within 8 minutes. Statistics show that early defibrillation can increase the survival chances of a person who has suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) by as much a 50%. Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens between 140,000 and 200,000 times a year in the UK, making it one of the UK’s largest killers. The potential for saving a life is dependent on time the faster medical help is administered the better the chances of survival. To achieve a positive outcome when dealing with sudden cardiac arrest medical assistance must be given within 4 - 5 minutes of the event. ln remote areas like ours it can take more than 8 minutes for an emergency medical team to arrive and this is why Community Public Access Defibrillators play a vital role in helping to save lives in rural communities. Statistics suggest that the survival rate after a sudden cardiac arrest with resuscitation (CPR) alone is 5%. By using a defibrillator the survival rate increases to 50%.   Will you be ready to save someone's life at a moments notice?


Calling local farmers and landowners

Nature conservation charity, the RSPB, would love to hear from local farmers and land managers in who are interested in helping nature thrive on their land.

The Yorkshire Wolds and Coast is one of the best places for wildlife in the UK and has huge potential to provide even more homes for important farmland birds, as well as other animals from butterflies and bees to hares and hedgehogs.

As a result, RSPB conservation advisor Chris Tomson is offering free advice and support to anyone in the area who wants to manage their land in a more wildlife-friendly way. 

As well as advice, the RSPB is also offering farmers in the Yorkshire Wolds and Coast area free farmland bird surveys.  These stock takes will show what wildlife makes its home on a farm and, when repeated at a later date, will reveal how a farmer’s efforts are producing real results for wildlife.

Farmers interested in chatting to Chris about giving nature a home on their land can call him on 07900 164 601 or email him at

Let's give nature a home
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Are you savvy online? Perhaps not as streetwise online as you would like to be or think you are?
The National Fraud Agency is launching a new campaign, Cyber Streetwise, to help give us all some essential tips to improve our performance online and help keep important stuff safe.  You can read more about the campaign at
We are supporting the campaign to help get us all be a bit more streetwise online.  Believe it or not most of the population are not doing enough to protect themselves!  This is a medium/long term campaign so you can help by raising awareness of the website and the key tips below to your members at a time convenient to you.
Adopting a few simple online behaviours can help keep you and your family safer, such as:

  1. Using strong, memorable passwords.
  2. Installing anti-virus software on new devices.
  3. Checking privacy settings on social media.
  4. Shopping safely online – always ensuring to check online retail sites are secure.
  5. Downloading software and the application of patches when prompted.

Do have a look at the website,

Dog fouling is offensive and unhealthy.  Not only is it a nuisance causing soiled shoes and clothing, but it can also cause serious diseases caused by the roundworm Toxocara.

It is an offence under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 not to clean up after your dog if it fouls.  If you are caught you will receive a fixed penalty notice of £75, which if not paid, could result in possible prosecution where the maximum penalty then is £1000.


It is the responsibility of ALL of us to challenge any dog owner that we see in the street not cleaning up after their dog





When your dog has done its business...

Do yours!

Pick up after your dog.



2016 - Jan

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Did you know that under government regulation it is illegal for UK companies to call any individual who has indicated they don't want the calls.
Have you registered your Phone number with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) to stop your unwanted calls?
Open the leaflet at the side to read the full article.