Allerthorpe Parish Council

Oct 2016 - Traffic Calming

It is very encouraging to see that many more residents are parking on the roadway and not on the grass verge in Main Street,

This is not only saving the grass from deteriorating in prolonged wet period but also helping to slow traffic passing through the Village........

We would also ask and encourage visiting tradesmen and delivery drivers not to park on foot paths.   This is because the substructure supporting the footpath was never designed for vehicular traffic - only pedestrians and it damages very easily.                                         Thank you!


June 2016 - Grass Verges

Grass verges are not designed to cope with vehicle over-running and parking, soon turning them into an unsightly rutted area of mud, especially during periods of excessive rain and the winter months.  When damage of this nature occurs, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council is faced with the cost of repairing the verge at public expense.

It must be pointed out that under the Highways Act 1980 the cost of necessary repair work resulting from damage caused to the highway, which includes the verge and footpath, is recoverable from the parties responsible.

The Parish Council would appreciate your co-operation in ensuring that the grass verges, which provide appeal and character to our village, are not used as parking places.

It is appreciate that not every household is involved in this practice; however it is important that everyone is advised of the issue.

If parking on the grass verge continues, the Parish Council will have no alternative but to record the vehicles using the verge for parking and pass the details to the Highways Department of ERYC to recover the costs of the repair work from the persons responsible.