Allerthorpe Parish Council

Most Emergencies are unpredicted

A light plane crashed into this home shortly after taking off from the local airfield.


A faulty Gas cylinder is thought to have caused this caravan fire


A stubble burn got out of hand and threatened these homes.


A lightening strike caused this tree to fall on the house.


The East Riding of Yorkshire Council recommends that every community in the County is prepared to help itself in the event of those rare occasions when public resources are so stretched that assistance may not be readily available for some time.

Severe weather, such as floods, storm damage or deep snow are likely to be the best examples of when an Emergency Community Preparedness Plan would need to be put into action until emergency services can provide assistance. In the event of such a catastrophe, local help may be vital to provide emergency food and shelter for people within our community and the Plan will be activated.

How can you help?

The Parish Council has formed an Emergency Committee which has produced such a Plan which will be reviewed annually. We now seek your help in identifying equipment and personnel, who may be willing to help others in the event of a local disaster. Elderly and disabled residents may be particularly vulnerable, and will be given priority, but it is intended that every home in the Parish will be contacted. To be able to do that effectively, we also need brief details about you.